We are a company focused on developing and implementing sustainable strategies through consulting services for business, government, cultural institutions such as museums, festivals and event organizers. We perform high quality projects tailored to the needs of our customers using sustainable practices and supported by technological means.


To be part, by means of our work, knowledge and enthusiasm, in the construction of a sustainable future through original, innovative and quality proposals.


To work as a team in order to promote sustainable development and involve society in the generation of activities focused on our environment’s welfare.

Sustainable Policy

In Impact0 we boost the sustainable development through the design and implementation of strategies that reduce the environmental impact of the production of events, concerts, conferences, cultural exhibitions and others.

We have a strong commitment with the sustainable development so we involve the community in activities focuses on our environment’s welfare. We create innovative production methods that involves the efficient use of energy, waste recycling, carbon offset, community involvement, and many others in order to contribute to tackle the climate change.

 Our principles (in accordance with ISO 20121)


 Our team


Jesus Herrera

Studied a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering at the ITESM, CCM. Took part, as a mexican ambassador in the 9th UN Youth Assembly, which took place in New York City. Global Shaper and former curator at the Mexico City Hub, an initiative of the World Economic Forum. Director in 2013 of a national campaign to promote water culture. Winner in the category "Innovative Project Green Business" by the Global Institute for Sustainability (IGS). Since 2010 has been specializing as a sustainable development consultant and is currently founding partner of Conciencia Hídrica and Impact0.

Roberto Lopez

Studied his bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design in Mexico City and a degree in design with electronic media and design management in Germany. Has professional experience working in more than 250 multidisciplinary and strategic design projects in Mexico, Europe and Asia. Guest lecturer for four semesters at the Köln International School of Design (Cologne, Germany) directing projects in the field of interface design, conceptualization of interactive installations, as well as design management and analysis for the creative use of social networks.

Diego Arrangoiz

Studied a bachelor’s degree in Information Design. Has a one year specialization at the Köln International School of Design (KISD) in Cologne, Germany. His career has gone through multinational companies and as founder of companies dedicated to the organization of cultural events. His work specializes in research and technology development (hardware and software) applied to each of our projects.

Alejandro Alonso

Studied a Business Administration bachelor’s degree at UDLA. Has a one year specialization at the University of Vienna, Austria, studying international project management. Founder of two companies involved in the organization of political and cultural events. He specializes in planning and organizing productions and logistics with suppliers and partners in each of our projects.

Irazu Aranda

Sustainable design
Studied a bachelor’s degree Industrial Design in Mexico City at the ITESM, CCM and a Master’s degree in Sustainable Design at IED Barcelona, ​​Spain. Has professional experience in coordinating creative and cultural projects, events and exhibitions as well as the design and production of ephemeral architecture and museology both in Mexico and Europe. Specializes in material selection, coordination and industrial design in our projects.

Camila Lopez

Project management
Studied a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the Iberoamericana Universidad in Mexico City. Has a one year specialization in International Business Management at the University of EBC Hochschule Campus Berlin. Her career has gone through multinational companies and social enterprises (ILUMÉXICO). She joined the team in November 2015 as project manager and trade link.

Nancy Guevara

International projects
Studied a bachelor’s degree in International Relations. Has a Diploma of Climate Change at the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico and a specialization from the College of Europe in Belgium. Her professional experience has been in the private and public sector where she coordinated for more than 6 years the organization and participation of businessmen and officials in forums and / or international event and trade fairs. Green Meeting Council member, currently lives in Montreal and is our consultant for international projects.